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Two left feet? Afraid you’ll just “clutch and sway”? Amy will help you make your first dance and your wedding day the most memorable day of your lives. Amy has choreographed countless wedding dances for the timeless romantics to the action-packed showstoppers.  Amy wants you to look and feel comfortable, confident and natural on the dance floor. No previous dance experience required to get started!

Watch this video to see a collage of rehearsals and final performances of some of Amy’s wedding clients!

Wedding Dance Services

  • Specialized Wedding Packages – lessons taught with your big day in mind, pre-planned and all-inclusive to save you time and stress.
  • Original Choreography – romantic, fun, classy, sophisticated, goofy, entertaining…you set the bar and we will do the rest!
  • Personalized music editing/planning for live bands, included with lessons.
  • Dance Floor Etiquette –  How to look natural yet professional from the very first moment you step onto the dance floor.
  • Lessons for the family – Mother/Son, Father/Daughter AND EVEN Maid of Honor/Best Man Dance!
  • Flashmobs! You know you’ve always wanted to be a part of one.
  • Book Dance Performances or group classes by Amy and her pros! Check out our performance page!
  • Helping you create an original and memorable First Dance!

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My fiancee and I want to learn a dance for our wedding reception. Which dance style should we learn for our first dance together?


Your first dance as husband and wife is a special event that will be remembered for many years. The type of dancing you choose to perform should reflect the feelings that you share and also, your dance style will also depend on how much time you are willing to devote to practicing.

Many couples start with a song and learn the dance that best fits the style, tempo and feeling. You want to choose a song that not only has meaning to you as a couple but also has an easy rhythm to follow that is not too fast or slow. Ask yourself when you listen to the song, Is there a clear beat? Does the tempo stay the same or does it slow down and speed up throughout? Is this song too slow or too fast for dancing?

The foxtrot is one of the most common dances learned by wedding couples, as it is easy to learn and works well with slow love songs and ballads. The traditional waltz is another favorite and is more formal than the foxtrot.

Swing dancing is much more relaxed and casual, a favorite among active and flirty couples. Swing is also easy to learn in a short amount of time. Rumba is a great choice because it is the “dance of love” and works with most romantic songs with a steady and clear beat.

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, consider the salsa, tango, and cha cha. These are latin dances that are fun and great to know, but require much more time to learn. Whichever dance style you choose for your special day, remember that it is ultimately a special time meant to be shared by the two of you.

Practicing to dance together before the event is a great way to help you build confidence together and get you both ready for the big day.