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Group Classes

Group classes are very beneficial for learning social or club dances such as salsa and swing. They are great for practicing steps and reviewing steps you have already done. Pair a group class with a private lesson and you will be ready for the social dance scene before you can say “Dip me!”

In our group classes we switch partners every few minutes so everyone gets to dance with someone. Group classes are very social in nature because you are sharing the classes with other people. There could be anywhere between 7 to 20 students in one class. It is very normal for students to make friends at their dance classes because they see them every week! Check out the calendar below for the latest class schedule.

Right now Amy is only offering classes in SALSA. For other styles, please inquire about Private Lessons.

Click here for more information about SALSA!


Click on the scheduled class to find out more information. We are dark on all holidays.

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