Welcome to the wonderful world of ballroom dance! Learning ballroom has many benefits! It’s the perfect dance style for a first dance, a great way to stay in shape for your body and mind and it’s a great social hobby!

Ballroom Classes have been paused until further notice.

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Amy’s beginning ballroom class covers all the basics you need to know about ballroom. She alternates dance styles monthly and covers the following dances:

Foxtrot has been around since the days of vaudeville.  It’s a great dance for the beginner because of its easy step patterns and moderate tempo.  It is danced to big band music as well as Frank Sinatra style tunes, and is especially popular at weddings and social events.

Waltz is danced all over the world. It was introduced in the Royal Courts of Europe, and at one time was considered sinful because the dancers embraced one another.  Waltz has a distinctive tempo of three beats to a measure.  It is also very popular at weddings and anniversary parties, as well as other formal social events.

Tango is a sensual dance which originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the 1920s and 30s it traveled across the ocean to the elegant salons of Paris and also became popular among Bohemians in the United States.   


1st Time                                      $10

Single Class                                $20

5 Class Pack (ex. 90 days)        $80

  10 Class Pack (exp. 120 days)  $140

$10 for full time Students/Seniors/Veterans/If you are taking at least 2 private lessons per month